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Weekly Wednesday Roundup – October 4th, 2023

Welcome to this week’s edition of AsicZ’s Weekly Wednesday Roundup, where we dive into the cryptoverse, unraveling the most pivotal and transformative events that have shaped the narrative this week. From the launch of the UAE Dirham Stablecoin, DRAM, to the legal intricacies involving the SEC, Coinbase, and Ripple, and the crypto community’s call to […]

Mining Monday: Energy Revisions, Nigeria’s Leap & Paxos’ Refund

The Bitcoin mining sector is a realm of constant evolution, where energy considerations, national initiatives, and transactional intricacies converge. This week, we spotlight the recalibration of Bitcoin’s energy consumption metrics by Cambridge, Nigeria’s assertive push into sustainable mining, Elon Musk’s anticipated response to Bitcoin’s sustainable energy strides, a notable transaction oversight by Paxos that became […]

Binance CEO CZ Unfollows Elon Musk on Twitter: What’s Behind the Tension?

The unfolding drama on Twitter has caught the attention of the cryptocurrency community as Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the CEO of Binance, recently made a surprising move by unfollowing Elon Musk, the prominent tech billionaire. This unexpected action has ignited a wave of speculation and theories surrounding the underlying reasons behind the apparent tension between these […]