Crypto Mining Gold Rush in Dubai?

This article aims to highlight the significance of mining crypto in Dubai and the ensuing ‘gold rush’ of companies already registering here to get a piece of the pie. 

We’re talking about the possibility of mining Bitcoin and altcoins in Dubai using subsidized power from an ample supply. For those of us who believe in the decentralization of BTC, the ramifications could be enormous given that the Dubai government has just last week decided to issue licenses for crypto mining. What if they also provide subsidized power rates to mining farms that open for business here? 

With advanced immersion solutions that are mining ready for Dubai’s hot and dusty conditions, one can simply imagine the benefits of mining crypto that isn’t taxed in the country. Not to mention the availability of solar power being an alternative renewable energy source to grid power. This allows miners to further reduce their power cost by offsetting it using solar. 

Some key points to consider:

Lower power costs – A win-win situation for miners that appreciate the significantly lower production cost of BTC which in turn allows for long term sustainability under any market conditions.

Solar Power  – Miners can opt to use solar power in Dubai as an alternative to grid power and offset power costs further to achieve the lowest power rates possible for their mining operation. 

Supportive legislation – When the local authorities support mining, it enables firms to set up mining farms fast without any hassle. Not to mention the 0% tax benefits to miners that allow them to secure further profits. This is a very progressive step for the entire crypto mining industry that fosters decentralization.

Security – Dubai is one of the safest countries in the world, providing crypto miners the peace of mind to operate without the known security risks posed in other countries that provide cheap power for mining.


AsicZ East is based in Dubai and is tracking the UAE’s progress in terms of crypto legislation and mining solutions. We offer one-stop consulting services for all your mining needs from acquiring licenses, selecting a location with suitable power, purchasing miners and setting up the infrastructure needed to get you up and running ASAP. We also offer state of the art immersion cooling solutions that allow your miners to run smooth & efficient under any ambient condition while providing headroom for overclocking.  

If you are interested in acquiring a mining license in Dubai or have any questions, feel free to email us directly at or

Crypto Mining Gold Rush in Dubai?

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