AsicZ Weekly Wednesday Roundup – August 16th, 2023

In the fast-paced realm of the blockchain industry, every week brings fresh developments. It’s essential to stay informed and ahead of the curve. This Weekly Wednesday, we bring you a curated selection of the most pivotal stories, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the events that are defining the industry. From Bitmain’s latest innovations to regulatory shifts and market predictions, let’s explore the narratives that have captured the community’s attention.

  1. Bitmain Announces the Antminer S21: Bitmain, the renowned Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer, is gearing up to introduce its groundbreaking Antminer S21 at the 2023 World Digital Mining Summit. The Antminer S21 promises to revolutionize the mining industry with its state-of-the-art features and enhanced efficiency. As the mining industry continues to evolve, innovations like these are pivotal in ensuring sustainability and profitability for miners worldwide.
  2. Europe’s First Spot Bitcoin ETF: A significant milestone has been achieved in the European crypto market with the listing of its first spot Bitcoin ETF on Euronext Amsterdam. This development is anticipated to offer investors a more direct exposure to Bitcoin, potentially driving its adoption and acceptance across the European region. As institutional interest in crypto grows, such listings play a crucial role in bridging traditional finance with the digital asset world.
  3. FDIC Highlights Key Banking Risks in 2023: The FDIC’s recent report underscores the potential risks that crypto crashes and climate chaos pose to the banking sector in 2023. As the financial landscape undergoes rapid transformation, banks need to be prepared for these challenges and ensure they have robust strategies in place to mitigate potential risks and uncertainties.
  4. Michael Burry’s Bearish Bet: Michael Burry, famed for his “big short” during the 2008 financial crisis, has once again taken a contrarian view, placing a staggering $1.6 billion bet against the market. His bearish stance on the S&P 500 and Nasdaq indicates skepticism about current market valuations and suggests that investors should tread with caution in these volatile times.
  5. Bitcoin ETF Approval Predicted for 2024: While there’s a growing clamor for a Bitcoin ETF in the U.S., industry experts predict that we might have to wait until 2024 for its approval. This timeline reflects the regulators’ cautious approach towards introducing such products in the mainstream market, emphasizing the need for thorough due diligence and risk assessment.
  6. Binance to Shut Down Buy-and-Sell Service: Binance, a global crypto exchange behemoth, has announced its decision to discontinue its buy-and-sell service, Binance Connect. This strategic move is part of Binance’s broader initiative to refocus on its core offerings and align its services with its long-term vision and goals.
  7. SEC’s Approval of Prometheum Questioned Republican lawmakers, spearheaded by Chair Patrick McHenry, are raising questions about the SEC’s approval of Prometheum Inc. as a broker-dealer for crypto. The unique approval has sparked discussions and debates, with some speculating that the SEC might be positioning Prometheum as a model firm to showcase the adequacy of the existing regulatory framework.

That concludes this week’s roundup of the most impactful events in the cryptoverse. Stay informed with our AsicZ blog for the latest insights and updates shaping the dynamic cryptoverse. AsicZ remains your trusted source for a vast selection of Bitcoin miners and everything ASIC from A-Z. Visit to view our full inventory updated daily. For those interested in MaaS (Mining as a Service) solutions, we offer industry-leading .03/kWh power rates. Learn more at


  1. Bitmain to Reveal Groundbreaking Antminer S21 at 2023 World Digital Mining Summit
  2. Europe’s First Spot Bitcoin ETF Now Listed on Euronext Amsterdam
  3. Crypto Crashes and Climate Chaos: FDIC Highlights Key Banking Risks in 2023
  4. Michael Burry Bets $1.6 Billion Against Market: Big Short Investor Takes Bearish Stance on S&P 500 and Nasdaq
  5. Bitcoin ETF Approval Predicted for 2024
  6. Binance to Shut Down Buy-and-Sell Service Amid Refocus on Core Products
  7. Republican Lawmakers Demand Gensler Tell Them How Prometheum Got SEC Approval

AsicZ Weekly Wednesday Roundup – August 16th, 2023