The Current Pulse of Bitcoin Mining

Welcome to this week’s Mining Monday, where we take the pulse of Bitcoin mining’s current events. In an industry defined by rapid technological advancements and strategic innovations, understanding the latest trends is crucial. Today, we’ll explore the specific developments that are shaping the mining landscape, from Marathon Digital’s rise to dominance and Riot Platforms’ innovative power strategies to the shifting dynamics of mining pools and the industry’s preparation for the upcoming Bitcoin halving. These current events not only reflect the state of Bitcoin mining today but also provide insights into its future direction. Join us as we dig into the facts, figures, and analyses that offer a comprehensive view of this dynamic field.

A New High in Hash Rate: A Sign of Strength

The Bitcoin network’s hash rate has reached an astonishing 446.19 exahash/second (EH/s), an immense increase from the same period last year. This growth is a testament to the network’s robust health and security, reflecting a thriving mining community. The continuous increase in hash rate signifies not only the addition of new miners but also the resilience of the network, even during price declines.

Mining Pools: The Shifting Landscape

Mining pools are experiencing dramatic shifts. Foundry USA’s share of the network hash rate grew to 30.45%, while Antpool’s share is currently 21.59%. Other significant pools include F2Pool at 14.55% and ViaBTC at 8.86%. These shifts represent a dynamic interplay affecting decentralization and network stability, painting a vivid picture of a competitive and ever-changing landscape. The redistribution of mining power among various pools ensures that no single entity controls the majority of the network, preserving the decentralized nature of Bitcoin.

Becoming the Largest Public Miner

Marathon Digital Holdings’ journey to becoming the world’s largest publicly traded Bitcoin miner is a story of triumph. With a reported hashrate of 18.8 EH/s, Marathon outpaced its competitors, reflecting a year of remarkable growth. The company’s operational hashrate almost tripled, hitting the 15 EH/s mark in May 2023, and its stock price soared by 360%, a numerical reflection of a triumphant year.

Overcoming Challenges: A Tale of Resilience

Marathon’s success wasn’t without hurdles. Bad weather and operational delays were left behind as the company plugged in machines at a rapid pace. Despite facing challenges such as equipment delays and weather-related disruptions, Marathon’s resilience led to a threefold increase in its operational hashrate. Its stock price increase in 2023 is a testament to investors’ confidence in the company’s growth trajectory.

July 2023 Production: A Story of Growth

Riot Platforms’ production of 410 Bitcoin in July 2023, a 29% increase year-over-year, tells a story of growth and adaptation. The company’s deployed hash rate stood at 10.7 EH/s, with 95,904 miners deployed. Despite a decrease of 11% from June 2023, Riot’s year-over-year increase and its holding of 7,275 Bitcoin showcase a strong and consistent performance.

Power Strategy: A Game Changer

Riot’s innovative power strategy, generating $6.4 million in power credits and $1.8 million in demand response credits, is a game-changer. During Texas’s July heatwave, Riot’s strategic move to curtail over 90% of its power usage helped stabilize the energy grid. This innovative approach not only contributed to energy stability but also positioned Riot as a responsible and strategic player in the energy market.

Future Growth: A Visionary Path

Riot’s vision extends beyond immediate gains. With plans to achieve a self-mining hash rate capacity of 12.5 EH/s in the second half of 2023 and a long-term purchase agreement with MicroBT for 7.6 EH/s of next-generation miners, Riot is positioning itself as a future leader. The company’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to growth signal a promising future in the competitive landscape of Bitcoin mining.

Preparing for the Bitcoin Halving – A Strategic Race

The next Bitcoin halving, estimated to occur in April 2024, is a strategic milestone. Miners are racing to plug in the newest machines as the rewards for mining a Bitcoin block will be cut in half. This event is a testament to the industry’s forward-thinking approach and adaptability. The anticipation of the halving has led to a surge in mining activities, with companies like Marathon Digital and Riot Platforms expanding their operations to maximize rewards before the event.

The world of Bitcoin mining is a dynamic landscape shaped by innovation, resilience, and strategic thinking. From Marathon Digital’s sprint towards dominance to Riot Platforms’ innovative power strategies and the industry’s preparation for the upcoming Bitcoin halving, the numbers and narratives paint a picture of a thriving industry.

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Stay tuned for more insights and updates in the next edition of Mining Monday!


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The Current Pulse of Bitcoin Mining