Author : Ethan Zurka

Exploring Different Ways to Make Money in Crypto: Why Mining Offers a More Stable Income

Since its introduction in 2009, crypto has revolutionized the financial world, offering new ways for people to make money online. While there are various avenues to earn money in this industry, mining remains one of the most popular and lucrative options. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the different ways to make money in […]

The Use of Renewable Energy in Bitcoin Mining: How Flare Gas and Stranded Gas are Powering the Future

As the demand for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continues to surge, the energy consumption required for mining has become a significant concern. In response to growing concerns about the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining, companies and individuals are seeking innovative solutions to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. One such solution is the utilization of renewable […]

The halvening is coming – What you need to know

A miner’s hash rate, power usage, electricity cost, mining difficulty, and block reward are all aspects to consider when calculating miner profit. However, there is one more aspect that is frequently overlooked: halving. The halving of crypto mining rewards is an important event that happens on a regular basis in many blockchain networks, such as […]

Skyrocketing Bitcoin Mining Difficulty

A hashrate explosion. That’s what Bitcoin miners have experienced over the past few months. And like clockwork, Bitcoin mining difficulty is skyrocketing higher as well with no end in sight due to several factors: Growing network hashrate and more efficient miners: As more miners join the Bitcoin network, the total hashrate (computing power) dedicated to […]

6 mistakes crypto miners shouldn’t make!

As a long time miner in the industry, here are six blunders that cryptocurrency miners should avoid Cryptocurrency mining has grown in popularity among both individuals and businesses. With the potential for large profits, it’s no surprise that many people are investing in expensive hardware and devoting time to cryptocurrency mining. Despite the potential for […]