AsicZ Weekly Wednesday Roundup – July 19th, 2023

Welcome to the latest edition of the AsicZ Weekly Wednesday Roundup, where we bring you the most significant and impactful news from the industry. As the cryptoverse continues to evolve at a rapid pace, we aim to keep you informed and up-to-date with the latest trends, developments, and debates shaping this exciting space. Let’s dive in.

RFK Jr. Announces Bold Plan to Back Dollar With Bitcoin, End Bitcoin Taxes

In a potentially game-changing move, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has proposed a plan to back the US dollar with Bitcoin and other hard currencies. This innovative approach, which aims to start with a small percentage of issued T-bills, could herald a new era in the integration of crypto into mainstream finance. If implemented, it could significantly alter the dynamics of the global financial system and further cement the role of digital assets in the economy.

Cryptocurrency closely resembles ‘a Ponzi scheme or multi-level marketing’, says actor Ben McKenzie

Actor and author Ben McKenzie has sparked a debate by likening crypto to a Ponzi scheme or multi-level marketing. His comments underscore the ongoing discussions about the legitimacy and stability of digital currencies. This has ignited a conversation about the inherent risks and potential rewards of investing in crypto, reminding us of the need for informed decision-making and due diligence in the cryptoverse.

Regulator cancels license of FTX’s Australian business

The Australian securities regulator’s decision to cancel the license of the local arm of the US crypto exchange FTX signals a tightening regulatory environment. This development underscores the importance of compliance and regulatory adherence in the rapidly evolving digital asset industry. It serves as a reminder of the regulatory challenges that crypto businesses face and the need for a robust legal framework to support the growth and stability of the market.

The IRS is coming for cryptocurrency

With an increasing number of clients investing and trading in digital currencies, the IRS is ramping up its focus on crypto. This move highlights the growing recognition of digital assets and the need for clear tax guidelines and regulations. It also underscores the importance of tax compliance for crypto investors and the potential legal implications of digital transactions.

Vitalik Buterin Explains How Ethereum Plans to Make Crypto Wallets as Simple as Email

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin has outlined ambitious plans to simplify crypto wallets, aiming to make them as user-friendly as email accounts. This initiative could significantly enhance the accessibility and usability of digital currencies, paving the way for broader adoption. It also highlights the ongoing efforts to improve the user experience in the crypto space, making it more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

N.Y.’s Torres Asks If SEC Will Ease Up On Cryptocurrencies

Representative Ritchie Torres has raised questions about the Securities and Exchange Commission’s regulatory approach to crypto. His inquiries highlight the ongoing dialogue about the need for balanced and effective regulation in the industry. It also underscores the role of regulatory bodies in shaping the future of digital assets and the importance of constructive dialogue between policymakers and industry stakeholders.

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AsicZ Weekly Wednesday Roundup – July 19th, 2023